Evolutionary ecology of invasions: a synthesis

Synthesizing ecology and evolution for the study of invasive species

Carol Lee, Kristina Schierenbeck and Bob Holt organized this workshop, jointly funded by the RCN and the USDA. A special volume of Evolutionary Applications has been published from the talks presented (http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/119423602/home).The speakers included:
Robert Holt, Richard Gomulkiewicz & Scott Nuismer
Genetic complexity, adaptation, and invasion in harsh environmentsAndrew Kanarek & Colleen Webb
Allee effects and invasion success through coupled evolutionary and ecological dynamics

Alex Perkins
Effects of evolutionarily labile interspecific interactions on spatial spread dynamics

Judith Miller
The fate of neutral mutations arising during invasions

Carol Eunmi Lee, Yuseob Kim & Davorka Gulisija
Testing for genetic signatures of selection during independent invasions into novel environments

Marc Kramer
Application of climate models to understand and model environmental processes

Neil Tsutsui, Andy Suarez & David Holway
Insights into invasion success from comparing the biology of ant invaders in their native and introduced ranges

Heinz Müller-Schärer
Adaptive evolutionary change in an invasive plant: Tracking its evidence

Kevin Rice
The role of trans-generational plasticity (i.e. maternal effects) in biological invasions

George Gilchrist & Raymond Huey
Developmental plasticity evolves during biological invasions

Elizabeth Leger & Erin Espeland
Evolution of native plants in response to invaders

George Roderick & Maria Navajas
Evidence for evolutionary change in classical biological control and what this says about invasions

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Event: Symposium

When: 19-March 2009 until 23-March 2009

Where: North Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

Directions: Click here

Contact: Carol Lee (carollee@wisc.edu)