GIN meeting: September 2012 in Spain

GIN participants set to meet September 9-11 in Pontevedra, Spain

The final GIN meeting will be held right before the Neobiota Conference, we hope most members can attend. We will start off with a dinner on Sunday night and have meetings through 10th and 11th.
Thanks to Montserrat Villa for assisting in organizing this final event.

Pontevedra, Spain. Photo by Ruth Hufbauer.

Pontevedra, Spain. Photo by Ruth Hufbauer.

Event: Meeting
When: 9th September 2012 until 11th September 2012
Where: Pontevedra, Spain
Directions: http://neobiota2012.blogspot.com/p/conference-venue.html
Contact: Ruth Hufbauer (hufbauer@lamar.colostate.edu)
Mark Torchin (TorchinM@si.edu)