Propose a symposium


Send ideas to Mark Torchin (torchinm@si.edu). The steering committee will review the proposal, and respond within a month.  Ideally, the symposium will coincide with the annual meeting.


In general, we are able to pay airfare up to $500 for domestic and $1,200 for international travel, with $100/diem for domestic exchanges, and $125/diem for international exchanges. We can support travel for  people working in the U.S. and people from less industrialized nations.  Unfortunately, we can not support airfare for people from western Europe, Austraila and other industrialized nations, but we can provide per diem if other funds pay the airfare.


When a symposium is approved, send a paragraph description of it to Ruth (hufbauer@lamar.colostate.edu) to post on the website Events page.  Two weeks after the symposium, you must provide a synopsis of the event to Ruth for the annual report to NSF.  Additionally, any publications that arise from GIN supported symposia should acknowledge the NSF grant.  Ruth should be notified upon submission of publications, and a pdf should be sent to upon publication.

Suggestion for 2008 Symposium

Possible conferences for RCN symposia. We could consider a symposium at the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (biennial). ESEB calls for competitive bids for symposia in current areas. The successful bids are decided by the local organisers for that year. Although called ESEB, in fact most symposia organisers recruit international keynote speakers with contributors mainly in Europe. This could be a chance to target European audience. Bids for ESEB 2007 symposia (Sweden) are closed, so we would be looking at bidding in June 2008 to run a symposium for the Aug 2009 ESEB (which I think is in Edinburgh UK.) I’ve done eseb symposia before so am familiar with the system.

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