Range limits, invasions, Ambrosia artemisiifolia: Winter 2009

Photo caption: Delemont, Switzerland. Photo by Peter Kotanen.

Development of new research focusing on range limits in biological invasions.
Peter Kotanen writes:

I have just returned from my European trip, funded in part by a GIN research exchange. As required, a brief summary of this trip follows.

I flew from Toronto to France (Paris-CDG) on Dec 5 (arriving Dec 6); I returned on Dec 16. In total, I spent 10 nights in Europe. Specifically, I visited the following researchers.

1) I attended a 2-day international ragweed workshop sponsored by CABI in Délemont, Switzerland (“Towards sustainable management of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe”; http://www.cabi.org/Default.aspx?site=170&page=2014). At this meeting, I interacted with ragweed researchers from all over Europe, as well as North America and China. Heinz Müller-Scharer, another GIN member, was an organizer. As well as discussing research, a goal of this meeting was to develop a strategy for applying to large European funding programmes (Marie-Curie, COST, EUPHRESCO) for funding to support international collaborative research; several proposals will be developed and submitted over the next year or so. Finally, I provided seeds from North American populations of several invasive species to Urs Schaffner, to be passed on to Mark van Kleunen.

2) I then travelled with Jacqui Shykoff to the Université Paris-Sud (Orsay), where we spent six days discussing research options. I intend to include Jacqui as a collaborator in my next NSERC (Canada) funding proposal, which will deal with range limits in invasive species.

3) Finally, I travelled to Wageningen, the Netherlands, where I visited the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, where I gave a seminar. I met with Wim van der Putten and his collaborators, and again discussed possible research collaborations. Discussions went well, and I intend to include Wim as a collaborator in my next NSERC proposal.

All in all, it was a busy and productive trip!

Event: Research Exchange

When: 5-December 2009 until 16-December 2009

Where: Delémont, CH; Paris, France; Wageningen, NL

Directions: Click here

Contact: Peter Kotanen (peter.kotanen@utoronto.ca)

Attendees: Peter Kotanen, Heinz Müller-Schärer, Mark van Kleunen, Jacqui Shykoff, Wim van der Putten